I have an Acer TravelMate 1640 (No dedicated Docking Station available) and I would like to use a Plugable UD-160-A port replicator to hook up my peripherals.

1 - Will a UD160A work with Ubuntu 11.10?
2 - Does it need additional configuring to get this to work?
3 - If so, is there a how-to if I need back-up ( I have some Linux experience, but I am not a programmer)

W.r.t. query 3: Forgot to mention that i have seen your Howto: DisplayLink USB Single Monitor on Linux

Hi rg.rjsdam,

Thanks for your query regarding our UD-160-A and Ubuntu 11.10. Ubuntu will will automatically detect and install the Ethernet, USB and Audio ports. The DisplayLink Graphics output will require some configuring. Exactly what you’ll need depends on your desired setup. For a single display the blog post you reference above is correct, for other setups it’s more complicated.

Can you say more about how you’d like to use the UD-160-A? Specifically the display setup you want.

Thanks for your question,

Plugable Technologies

Hello Jerome,

Thank you for your feedback.

I will hook up a Targa Visionary 22’ 1680 x 1050 TFT LCD monitor. System will be used for office, web surfing and now and then watch video footage. No heavy gaming.
I am aware that video sometimes will lag, but I’m Ok with that.
I take it that a USB 3.0 version is not yet just around the bend, or I would have seen some announcement on your website.

The UD-160-A still seems not available on Amazon Uk - Is that due to different prong style?
I live in the Netherlands so all wall sockets are common EU style. In another post I read that by then you were only selling them with powersupply with US prongs.
For me that will be acceptable, since in NL prong converters are marketed for under US$ 5.- each.
Voltage here is 230 V 50c/s wich should work for UD-160-A
Will it be shipped if I order through Amazon US? ( I have ordered and received on earlier occasions and it always worked, albeit freight charges will be a little higher.)

It’s a bit off-topic, but maybe offers you a solution to avoid stocking various types of power supplies: In the recent past I came across an appliance with an adaptable plug-in power supply. It came with 2 different styles of prongs (UK/EU and US) that could be slotted in and then lock into place.
(If you wish, I can give you additional info, but I don’t think this is the best place to convey it.)

Thank you in advance for your feedback and have a nice day.

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Hi rg.rijsdam,

Thanks for the inquiry. We do plan to offer the UD-160-A on Amazon.co.uk, but we currently don’t have a date set, there’s also no date set for the USB version. It comes with a 120-240V power supply so a physical adapter would be sufficient for use in the EU.

For your use, I think you may be happier with a USB Hub and connecting the monitor to the VGA port on your Acer TravelMate. The USB Graphics in Linux situation is complicated and doesn’t allow for extending the display across two monitors easily.

We are always happy to receive feedback and suggestions at support@plugable.com

Feel free to send your power connector links there.

Thanks again,

Plugable Technologies

Good morning Jerome,

I only intend to hook up one screen, to act as an external monitor. From the above listed howto, I expect it to work.
In my case using the UD-160A provides a few extra benefits:
it also provides for an ethernet connection,
the VGA connector is showing signs of wear, and I don’t have to wear it out further,
I already have a 6-port USB hub fitted, since my laptop has only 3 USB ports itself, one of them at an inconvenient place.

If I want to order one UD-160-a, can I order it directly with your sales dept, since Amazon.com refuses to ship electronics outside the US?
( I have noticed that this was done before, with restrictions to return policy and additional freight costs.)

Thank you in advance for your feedback and have a nice day.

(Power supply details have been forwarded to support dept.)

Best regards,