i have a pc with intel hd graphics 4000 with two monitors (vga and hdmi), the question is the product allows add the third monitor?

the card have 2 outputs (vga and hdmi)
attached the configuration of card from intel forum
please recommend some products that it proved that work (with the configuration commented)


Hi Fernando,

Thanks for posting. I’d be happy to answer your question!

You don’t give the specifications of the system itself, but based on the fact your system has Intel HD 4000 graphics and assuming your system has an available USB 3.0 port, a popular option is our UGA-3000 adapter -> amazon.com/dp/B00A2E1MQA

You don’t mention what inputs are available on the display you wish to add, but the UGA-3000 is the most flexible in that it supports VGA, DVI and HDMI. One important note is that when connected to an HDMI display this adapter will not carry audio.

Let us know if that information helps and we’ll go from there.

Thank you,

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Hi Bob,
thanks for the answer,
good my pc system have:

pro: Intel i7 3770 3.4Ghz
mb: ecs b75h2-m3 v1
ram: 4GB
usb: aprox. 4 ports usb3, and 4 ports usb2
grap: Intel hd 4000

the third display not bought it because prefer know if is possible first.

the image from forum say exist the possibility that the third monitor use eDP, but the mb not have the third “monitor port”, then the question ¿the product make a “eDP” for the processor will use it new port eDP?

the article say exist possibility for three monitors in the processor

thanks in advance

Hi Fernando,

Given the specs of your system I would expect the adapter to work well in your system. You will only need to connect our adapter (after installing the driver) to one of the available USB 3.0 ports of your system and it will allow you to add the third display to your system.

Thank you,