I can get on the Internet, but other network devices do not appear. No itunes home sharing.


I have a Plugable USB 2.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Wired Network Adapter (ASIX AX88178 Chipset) Connected to a mac book pro running 10.6.8. I can get on the internet just fine, bu tI can not see any network shares, print to my network printer, or use itunes home sharing.

If I enable my airport I can see everything and homesharing works.

It has something to do with my plugable device.


Hi Greg-

Thanks for posting with your issue, I’m confident this is one we can solve quickly!

Can you please verify the serial number from the sticker on the bottom of the unit?

Also, it would be helpful to know which drivers are loaded when you’re using the adapter. To check this, please open a terminal window and run the following command, then reply with the output (you can just copy and paste in the command below):

kextstat | grep Ethernet

Please let me know on these 2 extra details and I can recommend the next steps.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies



101 0 0x58548000 0x9000 0x8000 com.apple.driver.AppleUSBGigEthernet (3.8.0)


Hi Greg-

It doesn’t look like the ASIX driver is loaded: I think you’ll be good to go after installing the driver here:


Instructons on completing the installation are here:

Please let me know if you run into any other questions, I’ll be curious to hear if this helps.

Best wishes-



The driver update worked. Still had trouble with the wifi printer. BUt I changed it from IP to bonjour and now its working.


Hi Greg-

Thanks for confirming the driver helped!

Just for public record, OS X customers with newer versions (serial numbers beginning with 7, 8, or 9) of our USB2-E1000 will need to install the ASIX 88178 driver to have access to bonjour devices. While the adapter will work for basic web browsing, installing the driver is recommended to avoid confusing device behavior.


Greg, please let us know if we can help in the future!

Best wishes-