I am trying to hook up my plugable usb 2.0 docking station and only get the display background of the monitor



Thank you sir. Good to go!


I can move my cursor from my laptop to my monitor …and it shows up …but there are no buttons to click …like internet explorer or anything. I just see the background image.
What do i need to do?
Also …shouldn’t I be able to close my laptop and work only from the monitor? When I shut my laptop it shuts down.


Hi Pat - You’ve got it - everything’s working, just go ahead and take a window and drag it over to the other monitor.

On Windows 7, a shortcut is you can also select a window and hit the special Windows key+left/right arrows to first snap to half the screen, then onto the next screen over. Windows key+up arrow maximizes).

Here’s a video which shows a bit of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3uu_o…

And for the lid closing, the default for Windows is to put your laptop to sleep, but you can easily change that default. Here’s Microsoft’s documentation (and also a video): http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wi…

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have any questions



Thanks Bernie,
That did it …I guess I was expecting to see the buttons on the other monitor.

Now for my next question …will this work the same if I add a 2nd monitor?
Would I just be able to slide a window to whichever monitor I wanted?



Yes, exactly! You can add up to 6 monitors to Windows via our USB adapters.

As you add monitors, you’ll want to open Windows 7’s “Screen Resolution” control panel to drag/drop the position of the monitors to match how they’re physically positioned on your desk.

Here are some tips from Microsoft if configuration is any trouble: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/wi…

Thanks again!


Thanks Bernie!
Great customer service!


Hi Bernie,

Me again …I was waiting on a spliter cable to add my second monitor and I got it the other day. When I got it installed I was unable to drag a window to it. The 1st monitor still works.

Because I have now added the 2nd monitor, do I need to run the software again, or is there something I’m not doing?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Pat - No problem! Do you see the desktop background on the new 2nd monitor? If so, the trouble is just that Windows thinks the monitor is in a different position than it actually is on your desk.

If you go far enough to the right or left of your virtual desktop, you should find that the mouse makes it onto your monitor.

If that’s the case, just open WIndows’ “Screen Resolution” control panel and drag and drop the numbered pictures of monitors to match the physical location on the desktop. You can click the “identify” button to get Windows to put the numbers up on the monitors, so you can see which is which.


There is more detail in the DisplayLink User Manual, available here: http://www.displaylink.com/filestore/…

Let us know if this is it, or if something else might be going on.



Hi Bernie,
Actually no …I’m just getting a black screen on the 2nd monitor.
Thought I’d let you know …before I tried anything else.

Thanks, Pat…


Hi Pat - Ah, ok. We’ll need a little more information to figure out what’s happening …

* You mentioned a splitter cable. Can you send a link to the product that you bought?
* Can you describe a little more on what you changed/added to the setup from when it was working with one monitor attached to our product, to what your setup is now?



Hi Bernie,
Here is the splitter I’m using:
I was using the adaptor for the monitor that came with the docking station.
I removed it and then added the new splitter.
The first monitor still works, and the second is getting power.
When I first try to get it going …I see the blue power save mode screen, then it goes away to the black screen.
Hope this helps!

Regards, Pat…


Hi Pat,

Ah, that’s it. A passive splitter like that will create two problems: it isn’t going to be able to drive two analog signals, especially for higher modes/refresh rates. And, worse, it will cause EDID information to be lost so Windows and DIsplayLink don’t know the capabilities of the monitor.

A cheap passive splitter like that just simply isn’t going to be able to work, unfortunately.

So just to confirm, if you don’t use the splitter, all’s well, right?

Given that, let’s step back and can you say what your full goals are for the setup (the motivation that drove you to want a splitter), and lets figure out another way to get there that won’t have any problems…

Can you describe a little more of the setup you’re hoping to achieve? (and actually, how about we do it on a new topic if you’re willing, so we can capture the full question/advice separately for it).

Thanks for your patience while we figure out how to help!


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your question! Your 2nd display is now part of a larger, extended desktop spanning both your original monitor and the new one.

So if you move the mouse or drag a window “off the edge” of your original display, you should begin to see it show up on the second.

One common source of confusion is Windows may think your new monitor is on one side, while you physically actually have it on the other. So try moving your mouse and windows off both sides of the main screen.

If that is it – that the monitor position is swapped from how you actually have it, you can rearrange where Windows positions the monitors, by dragging the monitors around in the display control panel (called Screen Resolution in Windows 7) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/wi…

If it’s something else, let us know.

Thanks again!