I am not able to extend a monitor, only able to duplicate it under Win 8.1. Any idea on how to get this?

the screen is displaying the tray, but I cannot move the window between the two monitors, BTW one of the monitors is the laptop

Hi Farruq,

Thanks for posting! I think our best initial step is going to be to make sure that the most up to date DisplayLink software/drivers are installed, as the newest version has much improved support for Windows 8.1. The software can be downloaded here:

Please install it, and reboot the system after the install is complete even if it does not prompt you to do so.

If the issue persists even after the update, we’ll want to check the settings for the DisplayLink software. The icon looks like a little blue square down in the system tray next to the clock (you’ll want to make sure you’re in the classic “Desktop” view in 8.1 for this, not the new “Modern” tiles interface.) If you don’t see the icon, look for an “up” arrow/triangle near the clock and click that to show hidden tray icons.

Once you’ve located the DisplayLink icon, right-click on it which will bring up a menu. You’ll see the adapter listed there, along the lines of “Plugable USB to HDMI”. When you click on the Plugable adapter, another sub-menu will pop out with options for how to configure the additional display. For your uses, it sounds like you’ll want to chose the “Extend” option.

Hopefully one of those two steps will do the trick. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes!