Hub7-81X enumerates, but connected devices aren't available

hub enumerates as Generic USB Hub, but connected devices aren’t available–lights don’t come on. I tried different USB connectors on the computer with the same effect. I’m running Windows 7 on a Dell i7 laptop.


Thanks for posting with your issue.

Typically, when a hub is detected but devices won’t work on it, the cause is software-level issues with the Windows USB drivers.

A good quick test is to try the hub with a different system and see if the same devices work on another PC. If they do, it’s a software issue and we’ll need the details from our support tool, PlugDeubg, to know the right steps to recommend.

Please reply with the .zip it creates in a mail to subject “Ticket 54744.” Instructions to download and use PlugDebug are linked below:

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Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies