Hub disabling monitor output

I’ve got this issue narrowed down but am wondering if anyone else is experiencing the problem…

15" Macbook Pro 2018 running High Sierra 10.13.6
UD-CAM works on all ports expect the back left port, this port will not send anything to my external monitor and also occasionally will freeze my computer when plugging in. After plugging in the UD-CAM, I can disconnect it and try my VAVA hub with HDMI in the same port and it no longer works either.

A P-RAM and SMC reset will fix the port, the VAVA hub will work fine…but as soon I plug in the UD-CAM it must be tripping something because I end up with the same issue I had before the reset and when testing with my VAVA hub it no longer works either.

This does not happen with my other three ports but it seems to keep tripping something in the back left one. I have a support ticket open but am wondering if anyone else is encountering this issue.

Hi There,

I appreciate you posting your forum post, as well as contacting us directly. This is a great place for seeing if anyone else is experiencing the same issue, and if they have found any solutions! I look forward to working further in our direct communication, but if you have any questions you would like to outline on this post, please let us know!

Thank you for your patience,
Product Owner & Technical Support