HTC Thunderbolt needs high speed charging.

Will the Plugable USB2-HUB4BC 4 Port USB 2.0 Hub with BC 1.1 Fast Charging charge my HTC Thunderbolt at 1.5 amps?

Hi Bill,

Thanks for asking ahead! With most phone makers not yet advertising whether they’re USB Battery Charging standard compliant yet, we would advise caution.

And we don’t have any reports one way or another on the HTC Thunderbolt yet, so we don’t have a definitive answer.

But one interesting thing is the HTC Thunderbolt has a BC 1.1 compliant USB hub controller inside:… (teardown)… (the SMSC chip)

So that’s interesting, and gives some hope (although if HTC wasn’t paying attention to BC 1.1, they may not have the required support elsewhere in the design).

Since you’re the first person to ask about the HTC Thunderbolt, and we’d love to have a clear answer for others, here’s an idea: If you’d be willing to get back to us with results, we’d be happy to send you a free charging hub (…) to try on your HTC Thunderbolt. Just send your ship-to address, email, and phone number to

Let us know if you’re interested. Thanks for asking ahead!

Ok, tks. for the clear explanation and generous offer. i accept. Probably the question now is whether they have the software in place. I’ll send the contact info via separate email.