HP Spectre x360 won't discover the HP 27er Monitor on the HDMI 4k port

I have an HP Spectre x360 laptop and just purchased my 3rd HP 27er Monitor. My old docking station did not accommodate 3 monitors so I purchased your docking station ud-ultcdl. It will not work with 3 monitors. I unplugged all the monitors and only plug 1 monitor in the HDMI 4k port and it will not recognize it. What am I doing wrong? The 2 other ports work fine.


Well! I just fixed my own problem after much struggle. I left the 1 monitor attached to the HDMI 4k, unplugged the docking station. Then I plugged the docking station and my laptop recognized the monitor. Then I plugged the other 2 monitor, 1 at a time and this worked. I am so happy this was a battle but it finally worked.

Hi Tina,

Thanks for posting!

Glad to hear you were able to resolve this issue on your own. I’ll be closing this thread, but please feel free to open a topic or reach out to us at support@plugable.com if you have any more questions.