HP Spectre x360 wake from usb 3.0 hub

Ok I have an HP Spectre x360 13 inch running Windows 10. This issue i have is that my current usb 3.0 7-port hub does not allow the mouse/keyboard to wake the computer up from sleep. When I connect the mouse/keyboard directly into the laptop’s usb 3.0 port the mouse/keyboard will wake the computer from sleep. I have tried many of the steps such as “allow device to wake from sleep” in device manager but for the usb hub this option is grayed out. Possibly, HP has disabled usb hubs from waking the computer. However, does anyone know/tested if the Plugable usb hubs can wake an HP x360 Spectre?

Here are the Plugable hubs i was looking at getting:

Hello Thien,

Sorry to hear about this issue. I’d be happy to assist.

From the testing we’ve done with our Spectre 13 x360 we’ve found that either through USB-C or USB 3.0 A that the system does not wake from sleep via hubs or docks. This appears to be a BIOS level problem. We’re still investigating and are looking into what options exist (if any) to change this behavior, but for now, the behavior you are encountering is “normal” and expected.

Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies

Ok thanks. On my older Asus TP300LA laptop running windows 10 it worked. I notice in Device Manager under Universal Serial Bus controllers, it has a driver called Intel® 8 Series USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 - 9C26 that was not present in my Spectre. I could not find a suitable driver from intel for the spectre. I tried to install one of intels usb drivers but it said something about your system does not meet the requirements.

Your Spectre does not require a driver update as this is not a driver level issue.

Do not try to install or force install USB drivers that are not designed for your system!