HP Pavilion 15

I have two monitors connected to my USB C 4K docking station, which works very well with my Dell Latitude computer (from work)

I just bought an HP Pavilion 15 laptop, model 15-cs3073cl. For several hours, one monitor connected to the docking station (but not both) worked. The computer installed updates and now neither monitor works. The docking station is working otherwise, for my keyboard and mouse. I am connected through a USB C cable.

Any thoughts on how to get both monitors working would be helpful.

Thank you!


Thanks for posting!

Looking at the specifications for this specific HP system, I see that the USB-C port does not support USB-C video nor Power Delivery for charging:

1 USB 3.1 Type-C™ Gen 1 (Data Transfer Only, 5 Gb/s signaling rate)

Because of this, we consider this system to be incompatible as the “HDMI 4K” port and host charging through the dock will not work. If one of the monitors that are not working is connected to this “HDMI 4K” port on the dock, then I’m afraid this will not function through your system.

However, the DisplayPort outputs on the dock should still work as expected. If these outputs are not working, we could be dealing with a DisplayLink driver issue. Let’s reinstall this driver to see if that helps restore the DisplayPort outputs:

  1. Disconnect the dock from the system and please remove the power cable from the dock so it turns off completely (this is important so the unit resets). Please keep it disconnected until the last step
  2. Uninstall any and all software with ‘DisplayLink’ in the title that is present from within the Control Panel → Programs and Features. Don’t worry if these entries are not present or if the process does not work, just move onto the next step
  3. Download, extract and run the DisplayLink cleaner tool (https://s3.amazonaws.com/plugable/bin/DisplayLink/DisplayLink+Installation+Cleaner+9.1.1462.exe)
  4. Once the Cleaner has been run, reboot (even if not prompted to)
  5. Now download and install the 9.2 M3 DisplayLink software (https://plugable.s3.amazonaws.com/bin/DisplayLink/DisplayLink+USB+Graphics+Software+for+Windows+9.2+M3.exe)
  6. Reattach the power cable to the dock first. Once the dock is powered on, reconnect it to your system which will trigger the final portion of the installation

Thanks for giving us a chance to help!


Thank you, Mitchell. I will try connecting both monitors from the DisplayPort ports and also reinstalling the DisplayLink drivers.

Hopefully that helps! Please do keep me posted.




I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. Thank you!

Great! Thank you for the update.

I’ll be closing this post, but please feel free to open a new topic or contact us directly at support@plugable.com. We’re glad to help.

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