HP Envoy 17 3D

Hi - Will this product work on a HP envoy 17-3D to display a seperate third screen? HP have said they tested and it will not work?

Hi RJ,

Thanks for posting and asking ahead!

The HP Envy 17-3D has a plenty powerful CPU (Core i7), and a ATI Mobility RadeonTM HD 5850, which shouldn’t have any special compatibility problems.

That said, the special 3D feature and the LCD shutter glasses that they’re emphasizing with this laptop makes me nervous. There could be many reasons why the software for their 3D glasses (which appears to be integrated in some way with the ATI driver) could be thrown off by extra displays, or something about the DisplayLink drivers (which also integrate in their own way with the ATI driver).

So, quite simply, I would trust if HP says the product is not compatible. In particular, HP sells their own DisplayLink-based USB graphics adapter, and if they confirm that is not compatible, then ours will have the same issues.

Sorry I don’t have a happier answer. But thank you for asking ahead!