How toggle between screens?

How do I toggle between screens using my mouse? Have installed drivers with Windows 7. Display is set to “extended” but can’t get to second monitor.

Windows thinks of your second monitor as part of a single extended desktop that spans both screens. Moving the mouse or dragging a window between them will make use of both. If one screen remains blank/black, then let us know - something isn’t right on its configuration yet.

To start, Microsoft has a short intro video on configuring Windows 7 multi-monitor here:…

And this video show some of the hotkey shortcuts for moving windows between monitors in Windows 7:…

Hope that helps. Just let us know if the the monitor is unresponsive - we’ll help with what might be wrong in configuration.


See my e-mail reply. Appreciate the help, but problem not solved yet.

No problem. We haven’t gotten an email yet – just email anytime.

For the benefit of others who might read this thread later - the problem was monitors that were physically in a different position they were configured in Windows. It’s common to not realize the flexibility of the Windows display control panel - that on that dialog, you can virtually move the “monitors” around to match how you actually have the monitors physically configured in front of you.

Once things were configured, we were good to go.