How to work with Plugable Pro 8 (PP8) and Surface 3

The PP8 doesn’t work correctly with the Surface 3, it only charges the tablet but…

If you connect with a micro-USB/USB adatptor to the Surface 3 USB port, it works… but you have no charge.

The curious is that I can connect the PP8 thhough the micro-USB port and it works, using another adaptor. That means tha through the Surface 3 micro-USB port we can connect the dock with all the features, or charge the tablet… but is not possible to do both at the same time.

It’s extrange. Any solution?

Now I am using both ports, one for charging and the other for replicate, but it would be great to use only one

Hello Sansa,

The Pro8 is not compatible with simultaneous charging and USB docking with the Surface 3 as indicated on our compatibility chart:…

Thank you.