How to use the USB Microscope

How do I use the microscope? I haven’t a clue, and I can’t find a user manual. I have the software downloaded, and I plugged in the scope. If I place something on the platform, I can see a grey screen or another color, but I don’t know how to focus, zoom in, zoom out, or capture an image. Nothing, because there’s no f****** manual anywhere. I used to be a computer programmer so I’m not a Luddite.


Thank you for contacting Plugable. We can certainly assist with helping setup your USB Microscope. Normally our products do come with a Quick Start guide in the packaging if its missing for any reason we can send you a digital copy via email.

It also looks like we have been in communication via email on ticket 397039 by one of our other Product Owners. As troubleshooting has been shared over email I’ll go ahead and leave this as solved for now.

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