How to switch from Logitech mouse to Bluetooth?

I have a Dell PC with a Logitech keyboard & mouse. The mouse behaves badly so I want to replace it with a Bluetooth mouse. I did not find any Bluetooth support in the computer so I installer your Bluetooth 4.0 LE USB adapter and device manager says that it is working. But when I try to install the mouse, it goes through the motions but is not there when I’m done.

I added it to the Bluetooth device list. I then opened 'Control Panel>Mouse to complete the mouse setup. I saw nothing about a Bluetooth mouse and ended up the the Logitech mouse properties dialogue. When I go back to the Bluetooth device list, it is empty.

I need a mouse to install a mouse so I thought turning the Dell mouse off at the last step of connecting the new mouse would allow the new one to take over. Is the Logitech ‘Unifying Controller’ for its keyboard and mouse a Bluetooth interface in disguise?

Help please.


Thanks for posting about your issue.

If all is well, the computer should have no problems using an Logitech mouse with the Unifying receiver and a Bluetooth mouse at the same time. The cursor will just respond to whichever mouse is moving.

The Logitech receiver is not Bluetooth, but uses a proprietary protocol, so it is not a Bluetooth conflict.

Could you please tell me which Bluetooth mouse your are using?

Also, it would be helpful to know what the problem with the Logitech mouse was so that we can understand if there is an underlying issue that is affecting both of them.

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Plugable Support

Thanks, that has resolved some of my concerns. The USB mouse is a GearHead model MBT9650RED. I have been using it with a Levono Y70-70 Touch Windows 8.1 65bit Laptop and it worked well, but I found a thinner BT mouse for it that fits better in the carrying case.

My wife’s PC is a Dell Studio XPS 9100 Windows 7 64bit desktop. The Dell mouse acts odd. She had been living with it but when I tried to use that machine, I found I had to lift and relocate the moused 3-4 times to get the cursor across the monitor. It was obvious that something had to change. I set that mouse’s speed to max with acceleration to get it to move reasonably fast but it is difficult to land on a button because it jump around over shooting. It did that with slower settings also.

Now I have a different problem…
I just tried to add the Gearhead mouse to her PC again. It was not on the list of Bluetooth devicesfrom before and I’m now having difficulty getting the ‘Add Device’ to see it. It can see my Samsung TV in another room but not the mouse. I tried 2 other bluetooth mice and it did not see any of them. I have attached an image of the Adapter’s property dialog.

Thank you for the additional information.

Could you please run our debugging program? It will gather the installation log and device driver files that will help me know what is happening.

Please plug the adapter into your computer, attempt to pair the mouse, then go to this page, and follow the instructions there:

When you run the program, it will create a zip file on your desktop with your computer name and the date. Please send that file directly to our support email address



After following David Robert’s instructions and rebooting, I tried to install the Widcomm software from a link Dave provided. It failed during the first phase saying it could not find a Bluetooth device. The BT4LE device was listed in the ‘Device Manager’ under ‘other devices’ with a (?) on it. Its properties said that no driver was present.

This morning, I installed the original driver file I had downloaded for it again. I was then able to add the mouse device to the list of devices and it showed up in ‘Devices and Printers’ too. But the cursor still did not respond to mouse movement. I went to the Control Panel>Mouse and it did now have a Bluetooth tab. But there were not devices listed under that tab. I clicked in the empty list to see if it would reveal anything and dialog when ‘Not Responding’. I waited 2-3 minutes but it did not woken up – so I when to get breakfast. When I returned, some 30min later, the mouse was now listed and the cursor would respond to its movement. – PROBLEM SOLVED.

Thanks for letting us know! These were the instructions I gave:

Please do this:

  1. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your computer.
  2. Open Device Manager (Right-click on Start and select Device Manager).
  3. In Device Manager, Click on the arrow next to Bluetooth Radios to open this section.
  4. In Bluetooth, right click on Broadcom BCM20702 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Device and select Uninstall.
  5. In the next screen, put a check in the box that says: “Delete the driver software for this device.” Click OK.
  6. Open Programs and Features (Right-click on Start and select Programs and Features.)
  7. Uninstall WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software.
  8. Restart the computer
  9. Please go to this link and install WIDCOMM® Bluetooth Windows® Software. You’ll have to scroll down to see it:….
  10. Try connecting the computer again and let me know how it goes.