How to switch displays between PC and laptop but still use graphics card for Gaming PC?

I found the solution to switch between desktop PC and laptop using usb3 sharing switch and docking station. But it seems this solution bypasses my gaming PC’s graphics card. Is that true?

What I need is native pass through for my gaming desktop pc to my monitors and then a way to switch my laptop to the monitors via USB3 or thunderbolt. Is that possible?

Doing a little more research I found that thunderbolt docks might be able to do what I am asking? I have thunderbolt on both my desktop and laptop.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting!

Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer any devices that will be able to meet your needs here. What you’re likely looking for is a USB-C KVM-like switch, but we don’t offer any of these devices.

Sorry to bear the disappointing news!


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