how to switch display order, is always the DVI output 2nd, HDMI output 3rd?


i want to make the monitor with hdmi connection 2nd, the one with DVI connection 3rd, how to do it. I am using windows 10

already solved! thanks

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Thanks for asking. We can’t change the number on the monitor (Windows won’t allow that), but we can just change the orientation that Windows sees them.

If you right click on the desktop of your computer you should have an option for “Display Settings”. Opening this up will let you tell your computer which order you want your monitors in (If you’re unsure on the numbers you can click the “Identify” button and a number will pop up on each screen it detects). You can then drag and drop the monitors to the left or right of each other in the order you want. Once that is set up, highlight the monitor you want as your main display and click the checkbox that says “Make this my main display” and hit “Apply”.

If it helps, one of my coworkers filmed a really good video that will walk you through the process here:…