How to store bare 5.25" HDDs

It would be great to have boxes to store 5.25" HDDs. All the boxes I have found so far are for 3.5" or smaller. I found ORICO Professional Premium Anti-Static Hard Drive Protection Box for 3.5 inch, but, they do not appear to have a 5.25 inch product available.

With some Plugable products that support bare 5.25" drives, it would seem boxes to store that library of bare 5.25" HDDs would be a great accessory to offer.


Do you mean standard 3.5" drives? 5.25" hard drives have not been used since the 1990s.

No Plugable product supports 5.25" drives. Our SATA docks support 3.5" and 2.5" drives.


You are correct; 3.5" is what I really need and that size is available. Thanks for setting me straight.