How to setup a multiseat Mac using DC-125?

Can you have an article showing steps on how to setup multiple seats with Mac OSX?

Thanks for your question!

Unfortunately there are only multiseat solutions today for Windows and Linux (Windows Multipoint Server 2011 and Userful Multiseat Linux 2011).

On Mac, the DC-125 is only useful as a docking station to provide an extra monitor, speakers, and ports for a single user on their one machine (and just to note: the DisplayLink for the graphics function are still beta level quality on the Mac).

We would love to find a multiseat solution for the Mac which could support these types of devices, and we’ll certainly be on the lookout for a partner who could do that. But for now, unfortunately, it’s not possible.

We’ll certainly have a post on ( if that ever changes in the future!

Thanks again for the question!