How to setup 4 monitors (including surface pro 3 screen) with your products?

Hi, I bought my third external monitor thinking I could daisy chain with displayport 1.2 from my surface pro 3 i7. Technically it can, but I lose the use of my surface pro 3 screen. How do I achieve the use of all 4 screens with your products? All my monitors are Dell u2415s they either use displayport or hdmi.

Hello Wondsor,

Thank you for contacting us! I’d like to clarify: are you currently using one of our products and trying to get 4 screens working? Or, are you asking if this scenario can be done if you were to purchase one of our products?

According to a support article from Microsoft, this may be typical behavior of the Surface Pro 3 attempting to connect to three monitors directly to the device:….

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Hi Kevin,

I’m not using any of your products yet, but I would like to know which product I should buy to achieve the 4 screens I need.

From my reading, I think I need to buy a dock + a usb graphics adapter? However do you have a dock that can do it all and allow 4 screens without any additional adaptors?


Hello Wonsdor,

Thanks for the reply. To achieve your desired outcome of 4 monitors, a potential option is to daisy chain two monitors via the mini display port on the Surface Pro 3, and then connect a third monitor via our USB 3.0 4k display port adapter This would keep your setup running display port uniform.

We do offer a compatible dock in the form of our UD-3900, which would provide additional 6 USB ports. This could be an option, but it would require an additional adapter as the dock features 2 video ports in the form of an HDMI, and DVI.

We do offer docks with native display port, but, they require a direct USB Type C connection and are unfortunately incompatible with the Surface Pro 3.

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