How to make the Plugable Microscope the default device when Digital Viewer starts - .INI file setting?

Hi, Just bought the USB 250x microscope, works great!

Every time I start Digital Viewer though it defaults to my laptop’s built in webcam, and I have to go into Settings/Device Setup and select Digital Microscope.

Is there a way to configure Digital Viewer to default to Digital Microscope, perhaps a setting in the .INI file?

Also, a way to set the Device Setup/Resolution to default to 1600x1200?

It would be great to have a doc of all the .INI settings and possible values (c:\Program Files (x86)\Plugable Technologies\Plugable Digital Viewer\config.ini).

I’m running Win10 Home 20H2.

Thanks! - Kyle

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for contacting us! I’m sorry for the issues you’re having with the Plugable Digital Viewer. I’m happy to help!

We recommend manually making this change in the Plugable Digital Viewer software by selecting the microscope from the drop down list. The microscope uses the same USB Video Class drivers as your built-in webcam and windows as a tendency to mix things up.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email directly at

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