How to hook up a surface pro 2 in a Microsoft dock to the pluggable device and what adaptors are needed to run 2 Dell U2414H monitors

I just got the surface pro 2 with 8 gig of ram and also the Microsoft docking station. I bought two dell U2414H monitors and connected them “daisy chain” (I think) to the mini display port. Changed the DPI to 1.2 on each monitor and it worked for a day. When the computer went to sleep and the monitors did also I could not turn them back on again. There is always one monitor that is not recognized. I am not a very good technical person and I have little time to spend on this, the press of work being what it is. I need a solution that I can plug in and it works. I am committed to the Microsoft surface pro 2 and would prefer to continue to use the Microsoft pro dock (if only to keep it charged) and want some way to get my two monitors to work flawlessly. I really need the additional space to manage work issues. Any help you can give me will be much appreciated.

Michael Cannon