How to get it to work on Andriod phone

I am trying to use this on my NOTE 5 android phone but i plug it in and go to TETHERING
and it just says "DEVICE NOT PLUGGED IN " and is greyed out. The adapter gets warm like its working but no lights etc… Any one have any idea how I can get this thing to work. Want to use it to connect to my laptop via cat5 cable to use data from my mobile phone… Thanks in advance to all that reply,.,


Thanks for reaching out. Sorry to hear about the problem you’re having. I’d like to help!
Unfortunately, Android compatibility is on a case basis, and is determined by the device manufacturer. Android versions don’t show any external indication of a successful connection through Ethernet. The only way to know for sure is to go into Airplane mode, then try to connect. If you’re successful, the Ethernet connection is functioning properly. However, there is no guarantee this will work.

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