How to determine battery charge

How long will the keyboard last on battery? How long does it take to charge it up fully? Is there any way to determine how much charge it has left?

Hi Gail,

Thank you for posting on the Plugable Support forum. The keyboard will last for weeks on a single battery charge, depending of course, on the amount you use it. It will charge up fully in a couple of hours, but even a few minutes of charging will give you several hours of use.

You can determine how much charge is left by pressing Fn + the right Alt button that has the blue battery signal. When this key combination is pressed, the LED for Power will flash green to indicate the battery percentage.

1 flash = 1% - 32%
2 flashes = 33% - 65%
3 flashes = 66% - 99%
4 flashes = 100% (either the keyboard is fully charged and still plugged into the charger, or has not seen significant use since a recent full charge)

I hope this helps. More information about the keyboard is available in the FAQ on our website:

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