how to connect my usb ethernet to my tablet

my tablet details are:
Tablet model:karbon smart tab 9 (marvel)
Andriod version:4.0.4(ics)
base band version:1.5
kernal version:3.0.8+(inet_hzs@supperFAE#4)
Build number:98v2-p1-h1-h01-2637-20120926
my usb lan ethernet :
usb 2.0
network speed:10 mb/s r 100 mb/s
connectors:1x RJ45 shielded phone jack

The probLem is when i connect my usb lan to my tablet doesnt recognizes the ethernet there any settings to be done on my tablet.?
and one more thing later i used an app in my tablet called (usb to ethernet app)when i open this app and connect my deivce it says (host adaptor and usb to ethernet adapter not found) help me as soon as Possible…


Thanks for posting with your question!

There aren’t any installation steps for our USB ethernet adapters on Android- either the Android build has these included or it doesn’t. The 10/100 USB2-E100 uses the ASIX 88772 chipset. The gigabit USB2-E1000 uses the ASIX 88178 chipset. We have found that many 4.x tablets that don’t have one driver built in do have the other, so you’re welcome to try the gigabit adapter instead.

Unfortunately we’ve no way of knowing whether the adapter wil work on any specific Android tablet as each tablet manufacturer decides which functionality to load into their system.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful here, if you do decide to try the gigabit USB2-E1000 instead please let us know how it goes.

Best wishes-

Jeff Everett
Plugable Technologies