How to connect 3 displays to laptop via USB-C?


I have been using my docking station with the laptop screen and two external screens. The laptop screen has pretty good resolution but it is a small (14") real estate. I’d like a third large screen instead.

I have connected a third screen using the HDMI-4K port and whether I disable the built-in screen or not, I get no signal on the third external display.
I’m connected to my Lenovo Yoga via USB-C and passing power to the laptop as well.


Just to clarify, my dock model: UD-ULTCDL
Using DisplayLink Windows Driver Version 8.4 M2


Hello Mario,

Thanks for asking! Which model Lenovo Yoga do you have? Not all systems with USB-C support video output over the 4K port. For the 4K port to function the system needs to support USB-C alternate mode video support.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know of any other questions.

Thank you,
Joshua Henry
Plugable Technologies


Josh, it’s a Yoga 920 (80Y7)


Hi Mario,

Unfortunately the Yoga 920 has had some known issues when it comes to USB-C video output using USB-C Alternate Mode with universal USB-C docks and adapters. Due to these known issues we are unable to recommend our USB-C docking stations for your model system. We may need to offer you a return for a full refund as getting the third screen to work may not be possible.

With that being said, I would make sure you are connecting the dock using the USB-C cable that shipped with the dock vs using a 3rd party cable. I would also recommend that you try to install this update from Lenovo and see if that helps:…




I have upgraded the firmware on my Yoga to the latest available from Lenovo, and also upgraded the USB-C firmware you pointed out. And, yes, I’m using the cable that came with the docking station. Still not working for me.

Do I need a spacial HDMI cable (version/model?) to support 4K even though my display is not 4K?

Saw in the Lenovo forums people removing the Lenovo video drivers and installing the native Intel UHD drivers. Would you advise this or I should definitely get a different dock for three external screens?



Hi Mario,

At this point if the firmware has not helped I recommend returning our dock for a full refund and consulting Lenovo to see if they have any models they know are fully compatible.

Reloading the video drivers may help, but in the past this has not worked for us and our dock on the Yoga 920 systems.

Best wishes,