How to change keyboard sensitivity in bt-key3XL

I have a bt-key3XL keyboard and it skips letters and spaces so I want to see if i can change the sensitivity. Nothing pops up when I search “change keyboard sensitivity”

And while I’m at it - there is a box with a list of plugable products - and it is about worthless. It should start with either the type of product so you can scroll through, or it should start with the product number. But the list is all over the map. Sometimes it starts with the product number, sometimes with the type of product, sometimes with the word “Plugable” - so you have to look everywhere. Make it simpler, people!

Hi Brent,
Thank you for contacting us. There is no sensitivity setting for the keyboard. Since yours is skipping letters and spaces, there is likely something wrong with it. We will send you a new one. Could you please contact us directly at with your Amazon order number and your preferred shipping address? We will send a replacement right away.