How much power can sb2-hub10s draw from sb2-hub7bc?

Will the following setup work, in terms of power? usb2-hub7bc is used to power Raspberry Pi 2, some low power peripherals and usb2-hub10s. In turn, usb2-hub10s is used to power 10 flash drives but without the use of its power adapter. I.e., will usb2-hub10s be able to draw 1.5-2A from usb2-hub7bc to power all the flash drives?

Thanks for asking!

We wouldn’t recommend having all ten ports of the USB2-HUB10S filled with devices. Most devices will request 500mA from a USB port whether they need it or not, and your Pi will likely shut down the port because of a perceived over-current.

If you want to connect a large amount of devices, a power adapter will be required.