How do you enter control alt del in the portable keyboard?

I want to use the keyboard with my windows computer and can not accomplish this to logon. Fn+backspace does work as delete however control+alt+Fn+backspace doesnt work as control alt del

Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for posting about your Bluetooth keyboard.

I’ve tested on both our small and large keyboards and was able to activate Ctr + Alt + Delete by pressing Ctr + Delete + Fn+Backspace. Doing this while the computer was already running brought up the Lock, Sign Out, Log Off and Task Manager menu. I haven’t tried it at log-in.

I think that the issue may be that until login is completed, your computer isn’t connecting to the keyboard through Bluetooth.

I have a couple of quick questions:

  1. If you press Ctr + Delete + Fn+Backspace when you are already logged in, do you get the lock screen I mentioned above?

  2. Does your keyboard have Backspace on the big key second down on the right or on the small key at the upper-right corner?

Thank you,
Plugable Support

Thanks, sorry for taking some time but I was on a business trip. My keyboard has the delete on the same key as backspace (second down on the right)
After much trying, I can see it works sometimes.
It doesn’t work but after many tries it starts working. To verify connectivity, before I begin trying, I click caps and call tell on the laptop that it works (it lights up the corresponding LED). However, If I start ctrl-alt-del, it doesn’t work for a period of time.
A second problem is with the letter “E”. It works very unreliably. I need to go back often and type it again slowly. Other letters around it work well.
Thanks for your help.

Please I am still waiting for help. I’ve been traveling and was hopping to use the keyboard,

Hi Gabriel,

I’m very sorry for my delay in answering.

It sounds like a problem with the keyboard. I would like to send you a replacement. Could you please send an email to with your order number and current shipping address. We’ll get it into the mail to you on Monday.