How do I transfer to Windows 10?

The ads at Amazon say that the Plugable USB-EASY-TRAN supports Windows 10 - but the packaging and instructions are not up to date. Do I download the Bravura software, use the built-in (and included) software, or is there another option?

Hi Eric,

Thank you for posting your question.

As you mentioned, we didn’t have time to update the packaging between the time we tested the final version of Windows 10 and when it was released. We are in the process of updating our product packages, but it takes time to do them all.

However, our testing has shown that both the cable and the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software work very well with Windows 10, so we recommend using them together.

The Microsoft built in software has been removed from Windows 10, and it didn’t support the transfer cable in Windows 8.1 (they want you to use the cloud).

I hope this clarifies the matter. If you have any questions or issues while using the cable, please let me know.

Plugable Support