how do i transfer other family accounts from the same computer

I can transfer the administrator account, but my wife has an account on the same computer and I can only see my account and the public account. This is going from Win 10 to Win 10 computers. I tried running the program from her account and it still only picked up my account.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for posting about your transfer cable. I’m sorry about the troubles transferring from your wife’s account.

This is not the usual behavior. If you are logged into your wife’s account, you should be able to transfer from it, unless your wife’s account is a user only account. If that is the case, try using your Admin account to temporarily give her account Admin access, then try again.

If this doesn’t work, you could just use the Drag & Drop function from your account to transfer her user files. To do this, select the Drag and Drop option at the opening screen. When you are in the Drag and Drop window, select Show System Folders at the upper right, then navigate to C:\Users\t

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