how do I transfer my iTunes files from old to new computer?

the only files that were available for transfer did not include my iTunes files how do I just transfer my iTunes from old to new computer

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for posting your question about the Plugable transfer cable. Typically, your iTunes files are stored in a sub-folder named “iTunes” under your Music folder. Where this is located depends on your Windows version.

If you want to transfer only the iTunes files, an easy way to do this is to select only the “My Music” or “Music” folder in the “Select Items to Transfer” (…) window, by removing the selection from all the other folders. This will transfer the files to the Music folder under your user name on the new computer. When you install iTunes on the new computer, it should be able to find the files there.

It is also possible to use the Drag & Drop window (…) to copy the iTunes folder directly to the Music folder on your new computer. If you do this, be sure to select “Show System Folders” at the upper right of the Drag and Drop screen or else the user folders will not appear.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need any other assistance.


Plugable Support