How do I transfer email settings and saved email messages from my old Vista to new Windows 8.1 computer?

I have already transferred My documents, My pictures and My music with no problem. But settings for Windows Outlook and Outlook Express were not transferred. I also want old email directories, save messages and contacts

Hi Richard,

Thanks for contacting us. This type of program-specific migration assistance is beyond the level of support that we can offer, but we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

In general, Outlook and Outlook Express store all of your data within your Profile folder (the folder that contains all of your Documents, Favorites, etc. for your account). Depending on which versions of Outlook you are moving from and to, the files may have already been moved during the transfer but Outlook on the new PC won’t see them until you manually import them within Outlook.

Here is a really good link to get you started –>…

Pay particular attention to the sections about ‘Locating the pst-file’ and ‘Restore pst-file’. The files may have already been moved during the transfer, you may just have to point Outlook to them.

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