How do I test whether the USB2-OTGE100 is actually working?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 running android 6. I tested it for OTG support and it came back positive. When I plug in the USB2-OTGE100 the green and amber lights both light. It is a known good cable and plugged directly into my router. There is however, no ethernet indicator on the screen and no indication of an IP address in the phone and no lease indicated on my router. Is there a way to test whether the USB2-OTGE100 is working besides what I have done?

Hi Ian,

Unfortunately there isn’t any way, and I guess the Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t support that USB Ethernet adapter based on your tests.

In order to make the USB2-OTGE100 adapter works, the host system has to be running the device driver of AX88772 chip set.

For Android, the device driver needs to be built-in *when shipped from the Android system manufacturer*, since Android doesn’t allow users to install any device driver. Some Android device manufacturers do, but others don’t. It’s completely Android system manufacturers’ decision.

If the driver was running, this adapter will start working when plugged in. If it didn’t work, that means the driver wasn’t built-in to the Android system.

We haven’t heard about the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone from any of our customers yet so far, but as far as we know none of Samsung smartphones doesn’t have the driver, and some Samsung newer tablets do. Please contact to Samsung if you needed to get the confirmation.

Sorry about this bad news, but hope this helps!

Plugable Technologies