How do I get Com port assignment ( Ie Com4) for computer to computer communication

Good afternoon:
I just received by new Bluetooth adapter (USB-bt4le).
I am running it on a Dell computer running Linux Mint Chocolate19.
I am running “Blueman” as my BT manager.

As far as I can tell, the adapter is working as I have been able to get it to pair with my Android tablet and my Windows 7 Laptop Computer. Both devises confirm that the connection has been made.

Now, What I need to happen is I need the BT devise to be assigned to a USB port. /dev/USB 1, 2, Com4 or whatever.
I intend to use the BT channel to communicate with computers through the serial port. The BT devise is only used to allow me to do this wirelessly.
How do I do that? Currently, I am using XCTU or Hyper terminal to do testing. How do I get this done??


Hi Ken,

Thank you for posting here with your question.

I’m not entirely clear on what you are trying to do. It is normal to use the Bluetooth adapter to connect to computers and tablets to transfer files or play music, but it sounds like you are hoping to connect a computer (computer A) to another computer (computer B) through the Bluetooth adapter, then communicate from that computer through the Bluetooth connection to another computer (computer C) through the serial port on Computer B. Is that correct? If not, could you please give me some more details on what you are hoping to do?

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OK here is some background on what I am doing.
I am a hobbiest so pardon my ignorance but I am learning.

I am and have been working with Arduino Micro controllers (Mega) and use them to do a number of things. I have been using HC05 or HC06 TTL level serial to Blue Tooth (BT) converters with the Micro controllers. Communication from controller to controller is easy. Lately, I have been generating code (Java) to allow me to communicate with the Micro controllers using either my Windows or Linux based computers or my tablet. If I use my (Dell) laptop computer or my tablet with a built in BT system, Windows or Android assign a Com Channel (Ie. Com4) to the BT system. I can then use hyperterminal or XCTU (Modem Progams) or my Java programs to communicate directly to the Mico Controllers or from computer to computer.

I was hoping tho be able to do this with a USB to BT converter. Similar to using a USB to RS 232 converter.

I can do this by using a USB to RS232 converter and then a RS232 to TTL converter and finally a TTL to BT adapter but that is a bit of a pain.

So far I have bought to different USB to BT adapters and both of them behave or appear to behave the same. That is to say the BT adapters want to connect to some type of sound system, keyboard, mouse, ect. They will also allow me to connect to a computer to allow me to transfer files, but I do not get a com port channel.

One of the USB to BT adapters also provides a WiFi function but I have no idea of how to use that (Zero Documentation).

I hope my little dissertation here will help clear things up.


Hi Ken,
Thank you for the details. It is possible to configure a Bluetooth adapter in Linux to connect to other Bluetooth devices through RFCOMM using the SPP profile. However, we haven’t tested this or had any experience connecting to microcontrollers.

Here is a post by someone who has set up a serial port in Linux:

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the input David. I’ll look into this and let you know either way. There is of course WIFI but I know absolutely nothing about WIFI


Hi Ken,

WIFI and Bluetooth are pretty much unrelated, and our Bluetooth adapter doesn’t include any WIFI support.

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