How do I find out if my computer is 32 or 64 bit?

I am getting disgusted with your product and I haven’t even hardly begun. My first question is, how do I find out if I have 32 or 53 bit?

My second question is, can I transfer from Windows XP to Windows 8?

My third question is, why do I have to go through 8 hours of searching your many different web pages only to not get an answer?

This page gives good instructions for finding out if your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:…

You can transfer from Windows XP to Windows 8 as long as the Windows XP computer has the appropriate Windows Easy Transfer software installed, which can be downloaded from here:…

We have sometimes experienced issues transferring from older Windows XP machines because they often have accumulated problems such as malware, or corrupted files or settings that keep things from working well. In this case, we can help you use the Bravura Easy Computer Sync software that is included free with your adapter purchase. It is not as automatic, but it works in many cases where the Microsoft Easy Transfer software does not.

With both programs, only files and some settings will be transferred. Your applications and programs will have to be reinstalled manually on the new computer from the original disks or downloaded files. In some cases, your softwere will not work on the new computer because of differences between the operating systems.

As for the final question. We are currently working on a blog post that will sum up all this information and hopefully make it easier to understand.

One last thing: We don’t recommend trying to do this transfer with just one monitor. It is almost impossible with the Windows Easy Transfer Software, and difficult with the Bravura software. It is much better to borrow a monitor, or purchase one for a few dollars at a thrift store.