How do I find my old posts and comments?

How do I find my old posts and comments? For example, I commented on the following post:…

but it does NOT show up in my dashboard.

I’ll also take this opportunity to complain about the UI in this post:…

The link to make comments at the bottom of the page is still active and opens a text box to receive comments even though the support system is not going to accept anything.

These are complaints about the way the support forums work, not a reflection on any Plugable products.

Thanks for the feedback! As it currently stands, we’re using a hosted service provided by Get Satisfaction ( ) for all of these forums. It’s a great service used (and paid for) by thousands of companies, but it’s definitely not perfect.

Get Satisfaction hosts support for their own product at…

Any feedback you submit there would help not only us, but also the much larger set of users of Get Satisfaction – it’s much appreciated.