how can i video for longer than 10 seconds

when i try to video use my digital microscope it will only do it for a few seconds then when i play it back it plays faster than real time. how can i video for maybe 30 seconds?

Hello Bob,

Thanks for contacting us with this issue!

I haven’t had any customer reports of this happening. It sounds like a codec issue.

The Digital Viewer installer also installs Xvid codec to encode video files when you hit record. I’m thinking something didn’t go right with that install.

I’d like to gather logs from your system and see what could be going on. If you could, contact me at and mention ticket #117727 and I can give you instructions on how to use our troubleshooting tool, PlugDebug, in order to send me some detailed system logs.

Please let me know if you notice any other oddities!


Sam Morgan
Plugable Technologies

For anyone having similar issues:

In this instance, Bob was using a very old version of our software that had inherent bugs. We always encourage customers to download the latest software upon purchasing our devices, which may or may not be the software from the CD.

The latest software for the microscopes is available at: