How can I stop hard drive connected to UD3900 w/o shutting down computer? Control Panel does not allow "eject"

I have an external drive that I use for backup, but prefer to disconnect or shut down after backup is complete. However, perhaps because the drive is connected to my Windows 8.1 laptop via the UD3900 Plugable docking station, I do not see an “eject” option for the drive in my taskbar.

Can I simply turn off the drive without causing any issues, must I shut down my laptop first, or is there some other solution?

Scott worked with us via email using our internal ticketing system to resolve this issue, but for the benefit of anyone else who may have the same question, here’s what was determined:

-The UD-3900 (and UD-3000) allow for disk to be “ejected”/safely removed just as you normally would. Interestingly, in this situation the “Safely remove hardware” option was just simply missing on this system. After several reboots and power cycles of the PC, the dock, and the drive, the eject option mysteriously returned.

-While researching the issue before things started working again, I found a guide that covers the process of how to make a desktop shortcut for the “Eject” functionality if it’s not there in your taskbar.…