How buy plugable products in Europa?

Hello !
I’m interesting to buy one UD-160-A USB 2.0 Universal Dock, but through “” that’s not possible for the people in Europa. My country is Switzerland.
How can I buy one of this famous docking station ?
Thank you in advance for your reply !
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Hi Chrisophe,

Yes, that’s right, our automated fulfillment through Amazon only covers the USA. To purchase internationally, just email and with your address and desired quantity. We’ll either hook you up with a local reseller, or see if we can ship direct. For direct, we bill actual shipping costs and declare value of goods, and payment is via paypal.


An update on international shipments: We’re now avoiding individual small international shipments for the time being, but are continuing to establish local resellers where possible. Please email to if you’re not able to receive at a US address, and we’ll see if we have a reseller for you.

And if you are a reseller interested in owning a geography, we’d love to hear from you!