hooking up to docking station

I can’t get my keyboard and mouse to respond. The display works though. I haven’t unplugged from the docking station in a while and I forget how to get things to work.

Hi Marc,

Thanks for contacting Plugable. I’m happy to help. I need to ask some questions to get a handle on the issues you’re seeing.

  1. Do you have a Plugable UD-160-A (http://plugable.com/products/ud-160-a) docking station?

  2. What is the make and model of the computer that is connected to the dock.

  3. Are the keyboard and mouse that don’t respond an external keyboard and mouse connected to the dock’s USB ports?

  4. Is this a new problem?

  5. Is anything else going wrong?

Just reply to this message to continue the conversation. I look forward to being able to help you.

Best Regards,

Plugable Technologies