Help needed with display issue



I am using a plugable UD-160-A with a Lenovo Thinkpad. All has been fine - when I’ve plugged my laptop in to it my display has always switched to our external monitor and then back to my laptop again when I unplug it. For some reason this has just stopped working. By right clicking on the icon in the bottom right of my screen, by the clock, I have all options available to me (extend, mirror, etc). When choosing ‘select as main monitor’ it doesn’t work. The display on my laptop simply flicks off and on again very quickly, but nothing changes on the external monitor. All I see is the wallpaper from my desktop on the main monitor (which is because it’s on ‘extend’ - it’s apparent default setting at the moment!). I can select ‘mirror’ but that gives me a really distorted display of my desktop and doesn’t switch off the laptop display.

I have tried Fn+F7 and that simply gives the same response of a flicker and no other change.

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be hugely appreciated. As I said, it was working one moment and not the next!



Hi Kelly!

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear that our Plugable UD-160-A is giving you trouble! We’ll get you running again!

Some questions to help us understand what’s going wrong:
* Did you make any changes to the system recently at all ?
* What version of Windows are you running ?
* Can you say which version of DisplayLink drivers you’re running?

Once we have this information we can suggest next steps!