Help! my new docking station made my monitor unrecognizable!

!](]( purchased a plugable usb 2.0 docking station. The icon the user manual tells me is to appear in the task bar does not appear, and I get the message from windows that “one of the usb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it.” Usb devices like remote keyboard and external hard drives work, but my monitor will not work. Furthermore, the monitor was working fine attached directly to my computer, but now the computer will no longer recognize it. I was so looking forward to this device as it got good reviews, but I have spent 4 hours trying to solve this problem and am not happy!

Hi - We’re very sorry for the frustration. We’ll get this figured out.

The “one of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned”, when it happens consistently, makes it likely that you’ve gotten a bad unit (there are circumstances when returning from sleep, where this message comes up and it’s not a hardware failure - but that doesn’t sound like your case).

We also got your email, and we’ll contact you to get your Amazon order number, and get a replacement unit out to you right away.

Thank you for your patience while we get that to you to confirm the source of your problem. Again, our apologies!