Help me know what to buy for my laptop without video display

I have a vizio 37 inch LED TV with 3 HDMI and one VGA . I also have a laptop who’s video card is corrupted when using the vga or hdmi out ports. I tried a usb to vga 2.0 adapter and it shows a display(this did not have a built in graphics card) But I am guessing some of yours do so I was wondering which would be best for mirroring my computer which really wont have any display and using the TV as a monitor for watching some lower quality 480p Hulu or YouTube videos?
My vga out on my laptop does give me a pink colored screen that I can just not get normal. And the HDMI just never even works at all.

Any help appreciated.



Thanks for posting and for your question!

Although the VGA out on your laptop gives out a pink screen, that’s in a way a good sign. At least it tells us the interior hardware is still working fine. The pink color probably means that the pins on the VGA port itself are damaged. That means that probably any of our adapters will work with your laptop.

As far as the Vizio TV is concerned - Most, but not all, TVs are compatible. The exceptions are TVs that don’t support EDID (which communicates monitor capabilities to the PC). Many TVs that have a VGA port in addition to HDMI, assume that computers will use VGA for connectivity rather than HDMI, provide the best results with VGA. Please also note that sound will not be transferred through HDMI with the exception of our USB2-HDMI-165.

As such, we would recommend to stick with a VGA connection to your TV to leave out the guesswork.

If you could tell us the model of your TV we’ll be able to provide a more specific recommendation.

Please let us know if you have any more questions!

Hey I have a M370NV with 3 HDMI outputs. I was wondering if I had an HDMI usb then could it transmit sound through that HDMI converter and make it to my tv?
If so that would be less cables to plug in So it makes it easier.
So I can not find if this TV has EDID so I dont know if it will work or not through HDMI do you know? So the USB2-HDMI-165 is the only thing that would work if My TV supports EDID?



Hi Andrew and thanks for your reply!

Regarding sound through HDMI our only product that will do this, is the USB2-HDMI-165. None of our other products will transfer sound, only video.

Regarding EDID support it’s very hard to tell and we cannot offer guarantees but the TV’s website claims “Computer Support: 640 x 480, 800 x 600, 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1080 via VGA/HDMI”. The TV’s manual doesn’t help clearing this up either.

You can try it out, but just to set the right expectations, we cannot be sure whether it will work or not. The safest best is still to go with the VGA connection.

Sorry we can’t give a more definitive answer.