Help, I need somebody, yes anybody - There is no signal on LG LED TV when used as a monitor - Plugable USB to HDMI.

Hello everyone and anyone who may be able to help me. I am new to this forum, so please bare with my not so tech savvy explanations.

I recently bought a HP21 all in one desktop. It doesn ́t have a HDMI output built in, so I bought a TechBauer USB to HDMI adapter, which came with Thin2000 USB Display Adpater software from Fresco Logic.

I connect the HDMI cable to the USB adapter. The screen on the computer shrinks in size, with borders appearing on either side, but the LG TV (model 42LS3400) does not detect any signal. The screen goes to energy saving mode, and says, ̈no signal ̈.

Can someone help me with what I should do to get this working, please?

Sorry, further to the above, the usb display adapter is present in device manager, and it says it is working fine, I have checked for driver problems, but I have the most up-to-date driver…

Please help me, I want to watch my films on the big TV… :frowning:

Hello Daniel,

I am very sorry to hear this. We only support Plugable branded products here. You would need to contact TechBauer for more help.

Kind regards,
Plugable Technologies

I am having the same problem. I have a pluggable 2k HDMI adapter connected to a Dell laptop through a USB hub. I can connect the HDMI cable directly to the monitor and it works. When I connect the HDMI cable to the adapter the laptop recognizes that it is there but the monitor says it doesn’t have a signal. I’m trying to set up a second monitor and I only have one HDMI connection. Any help would be appreciated.

Well I just reconnected and everything works now. I’m not happy with the screen resolution or the color but I’ll have to see if I can get it any better.