Help for Plugable solution for my connectivity need


I have 3 PCs for which I want to share multiple USB devices (printer, external drive, USB Audio etc), So I have a multiple upstream to multiple downstream requirement. Does the Plugable USB 2.0 10 Port Hub support my requirement? If not, what are your suggestions?


Hi Ian,

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I suspect the answer is “no”, but it depends on your expectations for how the devices would be shared (actually switched) from PC to PC.

USB is a point-to-point bus. At any given time, each USB device is only connected to and visible to one PC. It’s very different from a network that way. You can’t ever “share” a USB device among several PCs simultaneously.

So some people buy a hub like you mention… and have a bunch of devices connected to it. Then when different people come sit down at that desk (at different times), they can plug in a single cable to make use of all the devices. It’s a hot-desking type scenario. But they’re not sharing simultaneously.

Given the mix of devices you describe - printer, external hard drive, audio, I’m suspecting this isn’t what you were talking about … I suspect you were hoping the 3 PCs could share the devices at the same time, transparently, without having to physically switch anything. But unfortunately that’s not what USB does.

If that’s the case, look in the direction of network storage devices and network printers.

Hope that helps. My favorite is Hawaiian.

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