Help! 4800 bps with USB to RS-232 on OS X (High Sierra)?

Help please!
I’m trying to get a serial port on my Mac to send G code to my Bridgeport CNC mill.
I just got my USB to RS-232 DB9 serial adapter and it shows up after installation of the driver on my Mac (MacBook Pro i7, OS X High Sierra).
The problem I have is that when I go into System Preferences>Network>USB Serial Controller-D>Advanced
and select Null Modem
The lowest baud rate available in the pulldown menu is 9600 bps.
Unfortunately, the mill CNC control only supports 4800bps, 7E1

Am I just out of luck and will have to try using an old Windows laptop or something?

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help!

The Null Modem setting in System Preferences > Network only provides four connection speeds on my test system. Fortunately, individual software applications are capable of overriding these settings. For instance a serial connection can be created using the ‘screen’ command from a terminal ( example below ) to connect at 4800 baud.
$ screen /dev/tty.usebserial 4800 cs7

Similarly the milling machine software may be able to override the baud rate set by MacOS. If the software does not provide options for manually setting the baud rate, then falling back to a Windows system may be necessary.

Please let me know if this helps.

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