hello my adapter is not blue too connect and I can not turn my toggle on for Bluetooth help

hello my adapter is not blue an I can not turn my toggle on for Bluetooth.

Hello Debbie,

I am sorry that there are problems getting the Bluetooth adapter to turn on.

Just to confirm, when first plugging in the Bluetooth adapter, the blue light inside the adapter is not turning on?

To test this, please remove the Bluetooth adapter from your computer then plug it in again and check to see if the blue light turns on at all, even if briefly.

If the blue light does not turn on at all, please contact us through our support email at support@plugable.com and include your order number. Please use the email subject “For #147164”.

Hello Debbie,

I just wanted to check how things were going with the Bluetooth adapter. It does not look like we got an e-mail to our support@plugable.com address.

Let me know.