HDMI Port Issue for Startech.com USB-C Triple-4K Monitor Docking Station (DK30CH2DPPD)

I am having an issue with this dock (Startech.com USB-C Triple-4K Docking Station (DK30CH2DPPD). I have two Dell P2412H (1080p) monitors and a single ASUS VS247H-P (1080p) monitor. I was planning on using a two displayport to DVI adapters for the Dells and an HDMI to the ASUS.

I am using a Lenovo Yoga 900-13ISK (https://www.cnet.com/products/lenovo-…) with USB-C port. I am able to get the two Dells to display, but I am not able to get the HDMI to the ASUS to display. I have had a friend connect to a Mac and he was able to get all 3 montiors to display (using DisplayPort–>DVI to the Dells and HDMI to the ASUS). I also connected the displayport to DVI cable to the ASUS and it displays.

For some reason it does not detect a signal from the HDMI cable from my laptop, but it does from the Mac. Any ideas?


This is the support forum for Plugable, and we’re only able to provide support for our Plugable brand products.

For Startech products, you’ll want to contact them for support.

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